On-Demand Eye Exams

Add A Lens® kiosks provide refractive eye exams that have been proven to be more accurate than standard tests conducted by licensed Ophthalmologists. (See medical case study in FAQ section) With Add A Lens® online licensed Ophthalmologists review captured images of your eye using Peak Vision® ( See medical case study in FAQ section) and highly accurate refractive eye testing and analyze their findings through sophisticated interactive systems that are made available to you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. No appointments necessary. You can use your own IPhone or Android enabled camera phone using our Add A Lens® Eye Exam App ( see medical case study in FAQ) from the comfort of your home then pick up your glasses at an Add A Lens® kiosk anywhere they are located. Or you can perform your eye examination at one of our kiosks and pick up your glasses immediately.

True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens®

If you are currently using off the shelf readers, you are not providing your eyes proper vision enhancement. Your eyes are independent of each other and they have different corrective needs. You may be damaging your vision by not correcting each eye's vision individually. True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® provide the perfect optical power prescription to each eye individually. Your eyes will focus exactly as they are meant to. You will immediately recognize the difference when reading through correctly designed eyeglass readers. Each eye will focus free from strain and your ocular muscles will relax. Current off the shelf reader solutions force one eye to strain in order to compensate for the incorrect optical power of one lens. True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® create customized optical power for each eye on-demand in minutes. Don't settle for less vision when you can have better, more accurate vision in minutes!

Keep Your Current Prescription Glasses, Just Add A Lens®!

You no longer have to throw out or stop using your current prescription glasses. With Add A Lens® just stick-on new optically created lenses to revamp your prescription. If your old prescription glasses are no longer powerful enough for your eyes you can add optical power to them with an Add A Lens® prescription add-on lens decal. You simply add more optical power to your current glasses. You can simply customize your optical power needs onto any current glass lens or plano (clear with no prescription) lens and frame unit. Have a favorite eyeglass frame sitting in a drawer? Add A Lens® today to revamp the optical power to your current prescription needs.

Sunglass, Ski Goggle, Motorcycle Goggle, Swim Mask, Safety Goggle or other transparent eyewear that needs magnifying power.

Are you looking to add readers to your current sunglasses or goggles? Add A Lens® provides customizable lens decals that simply adhere to the inside of your current Sunglasses or Goggles. They are True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® so they are right eye and left eye specific prescription optical power lenses. Unlike other brands that have attempted to provide stick on lenses Add A Lens® are self adhesive and removable with no mess or fuss. Other brands use static cling to adhere their reader lenses. True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® are specifically customized to your individual eye's needs for better optical power performance. You don't have to settle for less with True Vision Reader® lens decals by Add A Lens®. No other lenses can match the flexible, re-positionable and high index thin edge profile of True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens®!

Add A Lens® Corrective Eyewear Solutions

Add A Lens Packaging For Sunglasses

True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® For Sunglasses

Are you tired of trying to read at the beach or while driving with your sunglasses on? Or maybe you love your designer sunglasses and have to switch each time you want to read something small. Just Add A Lens® to the inside of your Sunglasses and forget your other readers at home. Reposition-able and optically as accurate as prescription reading glasses, True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® turn any sunglass into accurate vision enhancement devices.

Eye Exam

Eye Exams

From Refractive Eye Exams to Color Contrast/Color Vision and Retina Scan Examinations by licensed Ophthalmologists in the convenience of your home through our Add A Lens® phone apps and scan devices or at your local pharmacy, Walmart, Target, Rite Aide, Walgreens or CVS store. Add A Lens® provides multiple options to ensure your vision needs are always met. Available twenty four hours a day seven days a week. No appointments necessary and as accurate as standard tests conducted by the licensed Ophthalmologist you normally visit. You can trust your vision needs to Add A Lens®.

Add A Lens® Kiosk In-Store Display

Add A Lens® True Vision Readers® are sold through a display that allows customers to pick attractive plano lens frames that will be converted into prescription or optical magnifying eyewear by simply attaching the Add A Lens® optical power lens decal tailored to the customer's corrective vision needs. The customer can bring their own frames with lenses already pre-attached or buy the Lens Correction decals to apply at home. Add A Lens® kiosks also serve as eye examination portals and prescription generation hubs for contacts. These multi-purpose vision correction centers will eventually become the norm all around the world. (Review case studies at FAQ)

Layers of Add A Lens

True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® Technology

Current eyeglass lenses are made through Plastic Injection Molding techniques. This process requires Polycarbonate (Most Commonly Used Material) to be molded into highly defined surface curves per lens to achieve the desired Optical Power. Add A Lens® flips this concept on its head. Instead of creating blanks in the Diopter range of 0 to +6 for readers across both lenses in a typical frame, True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® actually thermo embosses flexible optical silicone to pre-specified diopter optical power values that are Patent Pending proprietary mathematical curves. These innovative lens blacks provide from Negative 15 to positive 15 diopter optical power values. On demand robotics actually creates the needed optical power settings then cuts the Add A Lens® shape to fit your frames or to fit True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® plano frames and lenses. In one seamless kiosk system you can acquire your needed eyeglass prescription or identify your reader optical power value needs. Then with a simple choosing of the frame style you are seeking to wear or by allowing the kiosk to identify the lens size and shape of your current eyewear you wish to upgrade, you can have the lenses you need at a price you can afford. All with the convenience of on-demand, on-site delivery 24 hours a day and seven days a week at local pharmacies and big box stores around the country.

Koch Blister Packaging

Proprietary Patent Pending Innovation

High speed and accurate lens manufacturing provides Add A Lens® an industry disruptive advantage. No other company in the world can deliver on-demand prescription lenses and eyewear at this current time. Add A Lens® first to market technology is being co-developed with Koch Industries a leader in manufacturing equipment technology and the design and quality control testing of the lenses are created with CSA a leader in the field of optics. From design to implementation every aspect of this exciting and innovative system is developed by the best engineers in the field. Eye exam testing and analysis is being provided by the pioneering leaders in each respective field. From Peek® eye exams to high speed robotic stand alone kiosk design and assembly, Add A Lens® is poised to change the world of corrective eyewear.

minuteKey Case Study

minuteKey® Case Study

Add A Lens® has developed a roll-out business plan that is similar to the one being successfully carried out by a company named minuteKey®. Through a series of strategic partnerships and sequential "build and install" distribution plan, minuteKey® offers Add A Lens® a highly accurate look at how to best strategize the distribution of True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® kiosks in big box and local pharmacy stores. This case study of an already successful company employing a robotic kiosk with complex billing and delivery methods, demonstrates the viability of such business opportunities. minuteKey® has entered an already saturated market with many competitors. With a new customer distribution method minuteKey® has won over consumers in every location they have deployed kiosks. Add A Lens® expects to have similar success in providing eyeglass wearers with a new dynamic distribution model that features revolutionary innovative technology and industry disruptive on-demand accessibility of product. Consumers have longed for the ability to buy their eyeglasses in a simple on-demand manner and have already demonstrated this fact by gravitating to on-line websites that feature lower cost solutions. Add A Lens® evolves this consumer flight from established eyeglass brick and mortar stores to revolutionary on-demand kiosks that are deployable basically anywhere.