True Vision Readers®

True Vision Readers by Add A Lens

Quality readers generally are pre-manufactured to a range of optical power that equals from +1 to +3.50 diopter. The lenses are usually made from polycarbonate material and embedded into eyeglass frames. The eyeglass units are then distributed through on site displays in grocery stores, pharmacies and department stores.

It happens to everyone — fine text becomes blurry and you find yourself holding menus farther and farther away to be able to see. You, like millions of others, need reading glasses. If you’re hesitant about whether or not you should start wearing readers, here are a few other indicators that might convince you.
Step 1: Use a Reading Test Card
Diopter test charts have rows of words ranging in text size that correspond to reading glasses strengths. If you’re purchasing reading glasses online, you can use our printable diopter chart below. Start by attempting to read the top line. The first line you can read clearly without your glasses on is the diopter you need.
Tip: Make sure to remove your glasses when you use the diopter test. If you have different vision needs in your right and left eye, simply cover up one eye at a time to test your eyes individually.

Eye Chart

By applying this test to one eye at a time you may find that your eyes are not viewing the chart equally. If you currently have readers you can further test this by wearing your readers while looking at the provided Reading test card and closing one eye at a time. If you have done the test properly you will note that both eyes do not focus the same. This indicates you need True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens®. True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® are eye specific. Each eye is provided a different, custom prescription for the optical power required. If your vision fits with the standard +1 through +3.5o diopter optical power values then you can simply purchase off the shelf True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® decals and apply them to our plano eyeglass frames or enhance any current eyeglass reader you currently own. But if you want more accurately created lenses for your eyes you can visit our True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® kiosk and take an eye examination that will determine the exact prescription reader values you require to see perfectly. Then our kiosk will create lenses specifically tailored to your optical power needs. On-Demand and available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week throughout the world. Our True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® kiosks are designed to provide a one stop solution for all of your eyeglass needs.

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Add A Lens® On-Demand Eye Exam and Lens Kiosk

Now Add A Lens® provides on location Eye Exams that are instantly reviewed by licensed Optomologists. You can acquire your Contact and Eyeglass prescriptions 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can also use the Add A Lens® On-Demand Eye Exam and Lens Kiosk to create your True Vision Readers® by Add A Lens® decal lenses for either prescription or reader glasses. All within minutes. The simply way to satisfy all of your eyewear needs.

Add A Lens On-Demand Eye Exam and Lens Kiosk